Glass Peaks//Thirty Three Connection//ANNAHAR @ Electric Circus

By Sebastian Faugstad 

The Electric Circus. On the one hand an alternative artsy venue. On the other, a rejected nightclub. It is not without charm, though. The mixture of light from the stage, candles, fairy lights on the roof and neon glow beneath the tables – all contribute to the chic atmosphere. And although the drink served was not to my taste, this renowned venue did produce a good vibe before, during and after the gig.

ANNAHAR, a 3-piece alternative pop/rock band, was introduced to an unsuspecting crowd when they kicked off the gig with a punch. Their delivery contrasted between the lighter toned digital effects and the darker, more mellow sounds from the guitar and dominating drums. Powerful, engaging rhythm is clearly one of their strong points. However, the potential in the sound from the vocalist (Alex Wilson) was somewhat overpowered by the upbeat rhythm. He commented on the show afterwards.

“I’m happy with the results and enjoyed myself during it. Although we missed out on one of our songs, we did connect closer to the audience during our crowd pleasers; `Trance´ and ´how to fly´.”

Following them was Thirty Three Connection, who are wholly unique. Every component in their piano driven indie-rock is crucial in creating atmospheric and engaging music. Performance wise they all knew their role in the band very well and focus on playing to the song instead of showmanship. However, they were all dressed for success, in almost cliché drab. The band’s violinist, Ivan commented on the results of his first gig with the band.

“The tunes were done justice. I enjoyed myself and I feel I have found my spot in the band.

As the night drew to a close, Glass Peaks readied themselves for show time. Ahead of the final performance guitarist, Jake spoke about his anticipation.

“We have mainly focused on gigs around England, so we’re excited to meet the Scottish audience. I don’t think anyone of us are nervous, as we aim to go nuts, like usual.”

The “go nuts” part came true and summed up their performance well. Focusing in on a defining feature of the band’s sound was nearly impossible, as everything had its rightful place in the music. Despite the tightness of the band being so prominent, a lot of credit is due for their eccentric bassist, who took the gig at the Electric Circus to a whole new level.

The line-up suited a pre-St. Patrick’s day celebration perfectly. The audience were awoken by the infectious beats of ANNAHAR, given an ostentatious set from Thirty Three Connection and left pumped with adrenalin as Glass Peaks ended it all with a bang.


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