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October 19, 2013

Missed your favourite showCatch up here. 

the-vergeThe VergeA show dedicated to showcasing and interviewing up-and-coming bands and artists from the Edinburgh music scene. Using their unique rating system, The Verge invite you to rate new music on a scale of 1 to 5 drinks. If a band is great, award them a drink rating of one – meaning you only need to have one drink to enjoy their music. If a band gets a drink rating of 5, it means you need to have many drinks before you can enjoy their songs.

Packed with interviews and music, The Verge will introduce to you bands which you might never of heard of but will definitely fall in love with.




Hosted by Paige Beresford, Sebastian Faugstad, Constance Amdal and Jade Du Preez.

The Football Roundup: The Football Round-Up provides a comprehensive review of the week’s big matches and talking points from the world of Scottish and English football. As Radio ENRG’s resident sports show, The Football Round-Up also keeps an eye on what’s going on at Napier’s various sports teams, keeping listeners up to date with the latest news and results. 

Hosted by David Ronney, Jamie Braidwood, Luke Barry, Bryce Donaldson, Gregor Kerr and Michael Gaughan.

Critical Hit: Critical Hit is your weekly shot of everything movies, games and comics. Each week Chloe, Andrew and Matt discuss the latest breaking news from across the industries, review the newest releases and discuss which reads you should be picking up. Check us out every Wednesday for live reports from conventions and the star guests.
Hosted by Matt Farnham, Andrew Hamilton and Chloe Henderson

Musical Chairs: Each week on Musical Chairs we challenge a new guest to answer 7 musical questions, from first gig to guilty pleasure. With different guests every week, you’ll never know whether to expect an hour of S Club 7, an hour of death metal or something in between (hopefully something in between).
Hosted by Owen Garner and Lana Stone

To The Front A weekly broadcast that tackles issue of gender inequality, promotes underrepresented female artists, celebrates the achievements of the feminist movement, discusses current affairs, interviews local musicians and, of course, provides a banging soundtrack to go with it. We aim to educate, empower, excite and spark conversations that cannot remain in the dark. 

Hosted by Nicole Watson and Seónaidh McGuire

Elevenses: Elevenses is a chat show with your three favourite grannies, like loose women – only looser. We discuss topical issues, news and give advice just like your wee old granny would. Served up with a large helping of ABBA – what more could you want? Tune in at eleven on Wednesdays on Radio ENRG, just before Bargain Hunt, and follow us on Twitter @ENRGelevenses

Hosted by Mairi Mulhern, Katie McKenzie and Lee Dalgetty

Reflex: Reflex is the home of critique on Radio ENRG. Covering all artistic bases from live music to film and regularly featuring up and coming local musicians, our weekly slot is the best place to find out what not to miss in Edinburgh.

Tune in every Wednesday at 3pm to catch reviews, live sessions, discussions and the occasional rant from our resident critics. Of course, we’ll have a great playlist to accompany all of this.


Hosted by Jamie McDonald, Patrick Dalziel and Ewan Hawthorne.

The Calum and Jake Show with Jake and Calum:Calum and Jake rise from the ashes of the departure of their co-host like majestic Phoenixes and return with a bang(ish).

Full of weird games, fun segments and mutually-insulting chat, this is a brand new show to finish off your Thursday on a high.


Hosted by Calum O’Brien and Jake Otajovic. Listen live every Thursday at 6pm.

happy-hourHappy Hour: An hour of happy hits and guilty pleasures to brighten your Thursday afternoon along with reviews of recent gigs, new albums and bands that we’ve enjoyed and want to share with you.







Hosted by Luka Kenyon and Rachel Lee 

This: No structure. No theme. No idea. This is an hour of inane chat and decent tunes that redefines the concept of “meh”. It’s the radio show no-one asked for. So here you go.





Hosted by Fraser Nickolls and Stuart Tweedie

808s Nation808s Nation:  A show for Hip-hop heads with a strong passion for lyricism and some occasional R&B for the R&B lovers with a craving for a soulful and smooth sound.



Hosted by Hafeez Adelakun

Connect: Back for a second year, Connect is a great test of your musical knowledge. Each song is connected in some way- and it’s your job to work out what that connection is! Tweet in your best guess to @RadioENRG so Luke knows who he should be inviting to join his pub-quiz team…






Hosted by Luke Barry

Everything’s Included: A new show designed to talk about as much as possible. Each show covers a variety of topics, from current affairs, the latest in the pop culture scene and whatever other stories take our liking. There’s even a bit of music chosen by our presenters as well.



Hosted by Iain Leggat, Erin-Louise Kirsop and Taylor Campbell.

Radio Studio

Soundtrack with Allan BougheyAn audio movie of Allan’s life and times – a broad selection of music from folk to jazz, rock to blues and from pop to classical, often with a connecting theme.




Hosted by Allan Boughey

A Day In The Life: Spend A Day In The Life of a variety of music icons as I take you on a journey through their career. Covering a wide range of artists, I will look at how their individual musical styles developed and changed through the years. Starting from their early beginnings and bringing you right up to date on their most recent activity I will carry you through the events that shaped their musical careers.


Hosted by Owen Garner 

OnCAM: A weekly critique talk show discussing news and opinion on anything film or TV related. Each week is themed on a specific movie topic or genre always related to the latest movie or TV news and releases. The OnCAM show features news, discussion, opinion, rants, debates, music, interviews and much more.

Hosted by Alex Heron, Cameron Storer and Cameron Ward


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