The Football Round Up

October 13, 2016

football-roundupThe Football Round-Up provides a comprehensive review of the week’s big matches and talking points from the world of Scottish and English football. As Radio ENRG’s resident sports show, The Football Round-Up also keeps an eye on what’s going on at Napier’s various sports teams, keeping listeners up to date with the latest news and results.

Hosted by David Ronney, Jamie Braidwood, Luke Barry, Bryce Donaldson, Gregor Kerr and Michael Gaughan.
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David Ronney, Luke Barry and Bryce Donaldson discussed in depth with the Sky Sports presenter about what it’s like working in the sports media and what the future holds with regards to Scottish football!

The FRU host, David Ronney chats to Scottish Championship manager Stephen Aitken about his side, Dumbarton.

The pair discuss the West of Scotland team’s four game unbeaten run, the jump from League 1 to the Championship and more in this exclusive interview.