Dethroned Patriots looking to control fallout from Super Bowl defeat

In the run-up to Super Bowl LII, rumours were rife that this would be the last hoorah for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. But with no announcements forthcoming, could it be that they are prepared to tough it out one more year, in the effort to end on a high? By Erin McRitchie 

For all of Spurs’ progress, Arsenal are still not far behind

When Spurs finished above Arsenal last season there was talk of a power shift in North London. But while Spurs have been the better team over the past three years, Arsenal have won more and are closer to doing so again. So where does the power lie ahead of Saturday’s game? By Jamie Braidwood

Paralympian Liam Malone retires at 24 to leave behind record-breaking career

Liam Malone overcame personal tragedy and physical disability to win two Paralympic gold medals at Rio 2016, beating the times set by the disgraced ‘Blade Runner’ Oscar Pistorius. Malone lit up the track during his career, which now at the age of just 24, is over. By Jade du Preez

MotoGP: Marini and Marquez seek to follow sibling success

Luca Marini and Alex Marquez are two young riders looking to make the leap into the prestigious MotoGP circuit. If it wasn’t hard enough, they’ve also got to deal with being the siblings of two MotoGP legends. Will they follow in their brothers’ footsteps? Or will they crumble under the pressure of living up to the family name? By Jade du Preez

The night Ronaldo faced Ibrahimovic for a place at the World Cup

Apart from a magical Christian Eriksen hat-trick and the emotional end of Gianluigi stellar Italy career, this year’s World Cup playoffs were fairly uneventful. But anything would compared to what happened four years ago, as Cristiano Ronaldo faced Zlatan Ibrahimovic for a place in Brazil. By Jamie Braidwood