2017 MotoGP season review

In one of the closest championships to date, the 2017 MotoGP season gave more and more with every race. It was one to remember, and with so much drama, it’s easy to forget some of the best moments of a year that will go down in history. Not only because Marc Marquez didn’t steam to victory as easily as was expected, but because it was punctuated with unlikely winners and injuries and impactful races. Here is just a small look at a huge season. By Jade du Preez

MotoGP: Marini and Marquez seek to follow sibling success

Luca Marini and Alex Marquez are two young riders looking to make the leap into the prestigious MotoGP circuit. If it wasn’t hard enough, they’ve also got to deal with being the siblings of two MotoGP legends. Will they follow in their brothers’ footsteps? Or will they crumble under the pressure of living up to the family name? By Jade du Preez