Valentine’s Week 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day (Week)
Radio ENRG is all about talk, tales, and great tunes. And if there’s one things we really love to talk, tale, and tune about, it’s a good holiday celebration. Which is why we’re always eager to open up our vault of love songs (and anti-love songs) to celebrate cupid’s favourite day.

Valentine's Wallpaper 2016

Tune in on Thursday 11 and Friday 12 February from 10am to hear your favourite ENRG shows live on air (with love in the air). Also keep an eye out online for recent interviews with ENSA President Sophie Goddard as well as some of the key players behind last weekend’s Napier American Football Varsity win against the UoE Predators.

And get in touch! We’re taking live requests and shoutouts all week. I mean, what’s more romantic than requesting a song for your burd on your student radio station? @RadioENRG

Valentine's Link Photo 2016

And, big shoutout to Melissa Jallit for putting a Valentine’s spin on our logo and banners.

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