Welcome to RadioENRG 2016/17!

Or, for some of you, welcome back! 

Radio ENRG has returned this year and we’re feeling extremely excited and inspired to bring to you all the great things you’ve come to expect from this station: music and chat to help get you through your studies.

We have plenty of familiar faces (or voices, I should say) making a return. Some of the best shows from last year are back and better than ever.

The super successful The Verge will be bringing us what’s happening at the cutting edge of local music in Edinburgh. The Football Roundup returns- with the addition of our very own Luke Barry to the hosting lineup, who himself is making a comeback with Connect- the themed music show that gets our listeners involved. On the music front, Books n Beats, Kowalski, Thrash Hour and 808s Nation will carry on bringing us the best of their genre of choice, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Peter Carson makes a return with his new show Bad Talk meanwhile Stuart Tweedie is back with This. And yes, you’ll all be relieved and soothed to know that Allan Boughey’s nostalgic Soundtrack show will still be here for you whenever you need it. He owns a lot of records and we’ve barely scratched the surface.

And, of course, our flagship ENRGize is, as always, giving us the low-down on all things Edinburgh and all things Napier. 

But with a new year comes some new ideas.

And we’ve got a lot of fresh people onboard this term, helping with the running of the station and in producing exciting new shows. For the first time ever we are broadcasting our shows out live to all Napier uni campuses. And the website is expanding to cover multi-media content from students of every department…

But first: the shows.

Do check out Reflex for rants and reviews covering music, film, comedy and television, local and international. Beats and Banter will be the go-to place for humorous patter (we hope). One can never listen to too much music, and in that line we have a series of new shows showcasing music from all across the sonic spectrum. Unwound, Happy Hour, Our House and From the Delta and Beyond – if you like Blues, House, Pop, Punk and an untold number of other genres then dig in; there’s something for everyone here. Check our shows section for more information, and our schedule for all the times. 

So, there’s a lot going on. But not nearly as much as we aspire to. We are currently looking for contributors for RadioENRG online! Whether that’s in text, audio or video form. Do you want to start making podcasts? Are you a photography student looking to showcase some of your best work? It’s all still very creative; we’re open to ideas, contribution and collaboration so just get in touch with your ideas

Now for the thank-yous. Firstly, thanks to all the hosts who stepped up to give us such a rich and vibrant schedule of shows. We hope they get the listenership they deserve. Thanks also to the staff, both lecturers and technicians, who made it possible for us to get even this far. We’re still learning- that is why we’re all here, after all.

Our biggest thank you goes to everyone who built Radio ENRG up to where we are today. We’ve inherited a beautiful website, fantastic facilities and a lot of wonderful, talented hosts. To Cassie and Rebecca, who handed over the reins, and, of course, to George Ward who founded this station – thank you.

We hope you tune in and enjoy!

On behalf of all the hosts, producers and ENRG staff this year;

Jamie McDonald, Station Manager                                                                        Ailean Beaton, Head of Online Content

We’re Live: now it’s time to get listening

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